Alipay brings customers to your stores and improves business performance

Increase sales

60% increase in frequency of transaction per day


Higher conversion

40% conversion rate for offers, increasing store traffic


QR Code Payment

Your Store information is visible to 150 million Alipay customers


Gain publicity for your business

Take advantage of Alipay promotions, such as their annual Red Packet Promotion.


Simple: Just scan the barcode

Download Yedpay Business App and scan the barcode on your customer’s app. The Payment process will then start automatically.


Customize your system

Build a custom point of sales, self service kiosk, or any other in-person payment solution with our API.


Payment Scenario


  • How can I use Alipay for my business?

    1. Sign up a Yedpay account, and apply for Alipay In-store payment.
    2. Just use your Smartphone/ tablet and download the Yedpay App to accept payment.
  • Can I price the goods in RMB?

    Unfortunately not. However, the Alipay app will automatically convert HKD to RMB and display the RMB price to your customers if needed. Alipay will bear the exchange rate.
  • What is the transaction Limit for Alipay?

    Cross border Alipay wallet users can make payments up to RMB $50,000 per single payment per day in offline mode. If offline limit is reached, the transaction will be switched to online mode, which requires buyers to enter payment password in their Alipay wallets for confirmation. Maximum RMB $300,000 per single payment per day is allowed in online mode.
  • How can I refund a transaction?

    Merchants can refund via the Yedpay App or Yedpay Merchant Portal within 90 days of payment. No extra fees will be incurred for the refund.