Accepting Popular Payment Methods with Yedpay

Yedpay pricing is simple for business of all sizes, start at one flat rate per transaction and access your funds quickly - all while using Yedpay's free front of house and back office tools to grow your business.


Offline Payment Method / In-store Payment

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1.5% - 2%

per successful transaction

Settlement currencies: HKD
Transaction Limit : CNY 50,000 per day per client, CNY 200,000 per month per client
Settlement Time : T+1
Settlement Threshold: HKD 800
Supported channels : Ecommerce and Point of sale (POS)
Account approval time : 7-10 working days.


Offers Upop & POS, a full service UnionPay solution, including reconcilliation, reporting and settlement services.

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2% - 2.5%

per successful card charge

Market: Global
Settlement currencies: USD CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD, USD ect.
Transaction Limit : CNY 100,000 per day per client
Settlement Time : T+2
Supported channels : Ecommerce and Point of sale (POS)
Refunds: Yes


Online / E-commerce

3% - 3.5%

per successful card charge

Market: China and Hong Kong
Settlement currencies: USD, HKD, EUR
Supported channels : Ecommerce
Refunds: Yes